Monthly Archives: October 2014

Kinky Soda

–Yo, check out the  PODCAST– Friday 4:20am: Tupac the Gangster is working dispatch. I do not go back in the office. I’ve been kind of avoiding him lately, since he didn’t seem to take kindly to my recent off-color comeback to one of his jibes. I had asked some weeks ago if he was going […]

On Yer Way, Yellow!

Monday 5:00am: I head back into the office and it’s a lively scene. Bryce is working the office. James is at dispatch. Krispy is back here checking-out from his night shift and talking everyone’s ear off – as usual, but it’s cool. He sees me and immediately offers up that he owes me for bringing […]

Parnassus on High

————————- PODCAST —— “We’re passing 21st Avenue now, bouncing down Judah. And as Luke closing-in on the Death Star, I can see ever larger that shining medical complex on a hill; the clustered high rises and multi-storied erections looming large on the horizon of the Sunset, standing tall all sentinel-like over endless rows and stunted […]

Liberals Buy Shoes, Too

Like unfettered Free Markets, history has shown unequivocally that controls need be set. Ah, but by whom? And like, urban populations need mitigation. But, by whom? Who gets to play the Bonsai Master? (And who will lose?)

That’ll Be $6.80, Please…

So, I get an early morning voice mail from Christian. He was just getting off from his night shift. And he sounds exasperated… “I just want to know; how many times have you been assaulted on the job? I was just for the seventh time in my career! And I’m fucking sick of it!”   […]


The fact is, I’ve always been here, now… Whether dissecting my past dramas, lamenting my circumstance, or plotting the future. I have never left. Never gone anywhere… That sparrow is chirping, now; that garbage truck churning. It has all always been Here… Now.