Monthly Archives: May 2015

No Quarter

Thursday 4:15am I awake to a drizzly San Francisco winter’s morning… Wait. It’s summer! And we’re in an historic drought! Well, maybe the sprinkle will help… a little. On whatever rare occasion that the local news (incorrectly) predicts we have rain coming, they inevitably go on to qualify how “it won’t be enough.” I did […]

The Scent of a Cabbie

Tuesday 5:05am: The sun’s been coming up early. (Ok. And I’ve been “sleeping in”.) Regardless, I do feel the unrelenting compulsion to race in to work, to beat its rise, like a vampire trying to make his casket before turning to ash. Hopefully, mine will be full of coffee grounds. I need a buzz. 5:30am: […]

Ganny & the Stormtroopers

Monday 4:05am: I wake before my alarm today, relaxed. OoOooMMmmMmm. And this time, it’s a good “OM”! My last shift, I was way busy with a bunch of locals (in-town runs). But the real red meat was a ride I took to Redwood City. That’s meter and a half! (If the ride takes you more […]


Thursday 4:00am: “Blooo-oop! Bloooo-oop! Bloooo-oop!” My new iPhone 6 harp alarm goes off. (Shut up already, Jobs! You’re dead!) I’ve been waking up fifteen minutes earlier these past few morns. And I think I may have hit a sweet spot. The pre-dawn gods have seen me surfing a wave of early morning flags; one right […]